Welcome to Fall 2021.

We are now a virtual school and still discovering new, exciting ways of doing the things we love to do. The ArteMbassy Studio has been shuttered since 2020, however very vibrant online learning opportunities have been discovered and we are up and running. Fall classes are about to begin and we hope you will join us.

Register via the website or email julie@artembassy.ca.
All course fees are paid via bank transfer to julie@artembassy.ca.

ArteMbassy Gallery School offers an inspiring series of courses in the visual arts for adults with the purpose of developing ability, confidence and nurturing a love for art and the creative process. The school is entirely online. Course curriculum includes onsite visits to relevant city parks, museums and art galleries throughout the GTA.


The school offers formal art instruction to adults interested in pursuing a new interest or those with past experience in the visual arts. Small class sizes allow for instruction that is geared to the needs and interests of each student.  Instruction led by an exceptional team of professional artists provides a safe, positive work environment where constructive suggestions and personal encouragement allow students the freedom to develop and express ideas with confidence. Adults who have taken classes find that the opportunity for creative output is a relaxing and rewarding personal experience.