3 Day Workshops

Jump start your art practice this fall

Self Portrait Andy Warhol


with Artist Martha Johnson

Thursday, September 16th, 23rd & 30th
1:00 – 3:00PM
Zoom and the AGO

Cost: $175 + HST = $197.75

Bank Transfer to julie@artembassy.ca



with artist Martha Johnson

Saturday, October 16th, 10AM – 3PM
Zoom and the AGO

Cost: $95 + HST= $107.35

Bank Transfer to julie@artembassy.ca


This workshop sends you into the current Andy Warhol Exhibition at the AGO to experience the retrospective for yourself. (on your own time)

The first of 3 Zoom workshop sessions will include a thought- provoking Warhol exhibition slideshow, interpretive lecture and vital dialogue discussing ideas put forward by the artist in the 1970s and their relevance to the fabric of our contemporary social culture. 

Studio exercises will incorporate working with repetition, fresh colour, photography and paint, mylar and modern mixed media with a focus on developing work that has depth and a continuity with your unique practice. The last class includes both studio time and a group critique.

NOTE: While viewing the Warhol Exhibition in person is encouraged it is NOT A PREREQUISITE for taking this workshop.

Aina Ferrer Clotas - Asparagus



Still Life Painting

with artist Aina Clotas

Saturday, October 23rd, 12PM – 5PM
Sunday, October 24th, 12PM – 4PM

Cost: $175 + HST = $197.75

Payment via bank transfer to


During this two day-workshop we will cover the basics of drawing, form and color mixing. We will use oil paint or acrylic and work on one single piece until it translates the reality of our reference. The skills that each student will acquire are universal skills, and they will be useful for their own personal work regardless of the subject matter. Each day will start with the demonstration of a theory, and then each student will work on their own still life set-up (or photo if preferred) and receive personalized individual feedback. The main goal of the course is to gain a solid understanding of “how we see”, and how to translate what we see onto the canvas to render a high quality picture.

About the Artist

Aina F. Clotas, is a figurative oil painter born in Catalonia, Spain. After attending an undergraduate filmmaking course, Aina received a BFA from the Universitat de Barcelona. To further her training, she studied traditional painting methods at the Barcelona Academy of Art, where she also taught for several years. She has an extensive teaching experience such as the Barcelona Academy of Art, the Florence Academy of Art in Sweden, the College of San Mateo and the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier in California. Aina’s personal work is influenced from both the nineteenth century atelier methods and the cinematography language. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Portugal, Canada, United States and Estonia. Aina is currently living in California, where she teaches in the College of San Mateo and also works in her private studio.