ArteMbassy Winter Workshops 2020


with artist Suzanne Metz

Friday, January 17th 
10AM – 4PM

Cost: $165 + HST – Registration

The approach is exploratory. Working from the nonverbal right brain, the subconscious and the spirit, we will take a day-by-day journey to make the invisible visible and give form to the formless.  The essence of this workshop is the art-making process.  It is exactly this journey and experience that will push you further into your practice.

We will explore different exercises that will free you from fear and allow you to bring out your personal voice.  We will learn to move in ways that allow for the freedom you need to extend yourself and the mindfulness to shut out your inner critic and let your self emerge.

In this workshop we will be working on large sheets of paper and some large unstretched canvas.

A detailed material list will be sent after enrollment.


with artist Rebecca Reynolds

Friday, January 31st 
10AM – 4PM

Cost: $165 + HST – Registration

Images & TextUse creative writing as inspiration for your artwork, and use artwork as inspiration for your words! We will look at the work of a variety of artists (such as Sol DeWitt, Barbara Kruger, Cy Twombly and Miriam Londono), explore how each has innovatively used text in their own practice and try out their techniques ourselves using a variety of media. After opening up new possibilities for mark-making, you’ll integrate all you’ve learned into a final independent project, incorporating text into your own personal style in exciting, unexpected ways!

with artist Martha Johnson

Friday, February 7th 
10AM – 4PM

Cost: $165 + HST – Registration

Dive into the history of myth and archetype painting and drawing the winged figure.
Think spirit, intuition, guardian, possibly angel.
Work from intuition, imagery, adding metallic pigments to your skill set.
Allow for a free flowing day of expression and creation.
Suitable for paper, Mylar, canvas and panel surfaces. Work large or small, in series bringing figure, abstraction and invention into form.
Time will be spent at the start of the morning learning the properties of acrylic metallic pigments and how to apply “gold and silver” leaf and markers.
Suitable for all interests. No oils please.